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Ndume is one playful gorilla

Ndume (Koko's male companion) enjoys taking afternoon naps in the sun in a nest of blankets. When he's not napping and feels particularly happy, he often plays with his blankets and other enrichment items. In this video Ndume has fun with one of his favorite pieces of enrichment and makes a series of gestures, Read more

Koko vocalizes "who" to Mr. Rogers

Koko demonstrates her ability to control her vocalizations and breath in two different situations. First, she demonstrates a "Blow-Test" as a welcome gesture during her meeting with Mister ("Fred") Rogers, vocalizing "who" after Penny and Mister Rogers do. Then, in a separate sequence, she demonstrates a "Blow-Out" Read more

All Ball

One minute summary of the classic story of gorilla Koko and her first kitten, All Ball, from love to loss to love Read more

Baby Koko

Read more

When Koko Met Mister Rogers

Koko was in awe of Mister Rogers when he visited in 1999, as she had been watching him on TV since she was a baby. In this video, Koko signs to Mister Rogers that she loves his visit and Mister Rogers seems truly Read more

When Koko Met Ndume

Koko is introduced to Ndume for the first Read more

Koko and Moe

Koko craddles Moe in her arms and signs "Baby... Read more

Video Dating

Penny shows Koko videos of male zoo gorillas, so that she can select the one(s) she is most attracted to. It's generally a thumbs-up, thumbs-down process. After a while, Koko sees Ndume on the screen, and gives the screen a big kiss — he's obviously the one. Within months, a young Ndume came to live with Koko at Read more

Koko's 32nd Birthday Walk

Although Koko was more subdued on her 32nd birthday than on her 31st, she enjoyed her feast foods (especially the new ones) and opening her many gifts and cards, which she spent more time examining than last year. She started the day with her ritual birthday walk, which began at 7:45 AM, and took her from Read more


Koko has a vocabulary of over 1000 signs (American Sign Language) most of which she learned during the first few years of the project. However, she continues to learn (and occasionally invent) new signs, to improve her ability to communicate with her caregivers. In this 1-minute video clip, the sign for"butterfly" Read more

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