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Tender Moments With Ms. Gray

Koko loves spending quality time with her kittens!  Here she gently strokes Ms. Gray while gazing at her Read more

Caption Contest

This adorable picture of Koko with her hairbrush was posted to our Facebook page where we asked you to provide the caption.  After reading over 860 creative responses, we have chosen our winner! Winning Caption: Kim Halliday - "Enough singing into this hairbrush... What do you mean American Idol Read more

Koko and Nature

Koko was recently asked to  act as an Ambassador for Nature at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit, on behalf of the preservation of biodiversity (i.e., the protection of endangered species of all kinds, and our shared habitat). Koko is a "natural" ambassador for Nature, as she is so connected to it. Read more

Koko anticipates her birthday party

When Koko knows there is going to be a party, like any other gal she puts on her party dress. Koko whipped this outfit together in a hurry, she used a table cloth and designed it herself! Stay tuned for more birthday pictures and updates tomorrow when her birthday festivities Read more

Sweet Dreams, Koko

Koko is napping blissfully in her nest, next to her Water Baby doll. Koko often takes naps during the day to recharge her Read more

Koko cuddles big-eyed doll

Koko plays with a big-eyed monkey beanie babie.  This is the same monkey that appeared in the photo with Ron wearing large glasses that made him resemble the big-eyed Read more

Happy Birthday Betty, Love, Koko

Please join us in wishing Betty White a happy 93rd birthday (Jan. 17) and in conveying Koko's love and appreciation for her friendship and advocacy for all animals and the natural world. Koko and Betty have become great friends over the years and a powerful team for great ape conservation, and they still have much Read more

Who's Related to Whom?

Ron, wearing his alien play glasses, asks Koko: "Who am I most closely related to here?" Koko responds by pointing to her big-eyed monkey doll and Read more

Sharing a Playful Moment with Koko

We all love to have fun at The Gorilla Foundation, including our Founder Ron Cohn-seen here enjoying Koko's gifts. Ron is imitating the large eyes of the toy monkey. What do you think Koko thinks of this display?  Email us your Read more

Koko Digs Her Dinosaur Pinata

Ndume’s recent birthday celebration was a dinosaurs-invade-the-boardwalk theme.  Koko got to celebrate Ndume’s birthday too, and happened to love the dinosaur piñata shown here, which she quickly dug into to enjoy the goodies Read more

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