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From a young age, Brooke was captivated by animals and felt a strong sense of connection with them. This sense of kinship fueled her curiosity and thirst for knowledge about the natural world, leading her to spend much of her adolescent years reading and learning about animals of all shapes and sizes. In high school she volunteered at the local Brandywine Zoo as a camp counselor and later as a docent, allowing her to share her own wonder and knowledge with kids and adults alike.

Brooke studied Animal Science as an undergraduate at the University of Delaware, learning about the basics of animal physiology, anatomy, behavior, and husbandry. She was first introduced to Koko and other animal cognition studies through a course called Animal Minds, which was dedicated to the discussion of such experiments. Brooke was immediately captivated by the ability of Koko and other animals to communicate with their caregivers, a “superpower”-like ability that she wished she could one day experience.

Brooke went on to earn her Master’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Delaware. She worked in an animal genetics lab studying gene expression in poultry and wrote her thesis about the differences in gene expression levels across different organ systems in the chicken.

Brooke moved to the Bay Area from Pennsylvania in November of 2015 and is overjoyed to have been granted the opportunity to join the Gorilla Foundation’s team. She always dreamed of being able to communicate with animals and is now working full-time with the pioneers of interspecies communication.

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Our mission is to learn about gorillas by communicating with them, and apply our knowledge to advance great ape conservation, education, care and empathy.

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