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Robin Williams Meets Koko
1 Thousands of gorillas with communicative and emotional capacities similar to Koko, Michael and Ndume are being killed in their African forest homes each year by commercial poachers in the illegal "bushmeat" trade.
A mountain gorilla couple in Rwanda    
2 At this rate, gorillas and other great apes (except humans) could be completely wiped out in their wild habitats in less than a decade or two — decimated even before the timber industry finishes cutting down the forests.
An orphan at the Michael Sanctuary    
3 This is why the Gorilla Foundation has expanded its focus beyond research to conservation and education:
— aiming to convert bushmeat poachers and consumers to wildlife protectors.

Dr. Anthony Rose manages this outreach process via the Gorilla Foundation's African Wildlife Protectors Fund (WPF).
Ex-poacher Joseph with Dr. Tony Rose    
4 By teaching about gorilla sensitivity through Koko's Kitten, and the new book Michael's Dream (in which gorilla Michael recounts in sign language the killing of his mother by poachers) the Gorilla Foundation's conservation-based educational outreach is making an important impact in Africa.
Michael recalling his mother's demise.    
5 In addition to the ambassadorship of gorillas Koko and (the late) Michael, we're building sanctuaries in the US and Africa to make sure that at least some gorillas are safe — and that their welfare is optimized via better interspecies communication.
(See Maui Ape Preserve and African Projects sections for details.)
Koko is an ambassador for Nature    
6 Despite a decade of investigation and intervention, the crisis facing great apes in Africa is growing. The Gorilla Foundation's WPF director, Dr. Anthony Rose, has published a powerful 200-page book, Consuming Nature, depicting the enormous threat to wildlife conservation which we are confronting, with your help.
  (This book will be available in KokoMart soon.)
Photo Essay on Conservation Crisis    
Koko ponders the future   Sign near the Michael Sanctuary in Cameroon
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