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 Your donation will help the Gorilla Foundation save Koko's species from extinction and improve their lives in captivity by:
Advancing our interspecies communication research with Koko
Establishing empathy for our fellow great apes by sharing what we learn about their thoughts and feelings
Creating educational apps to teach Koko's sign language to students worldwide, and inspire them about the benefits and power of "conservation through communication"
Enriching Koko and Ndume's lives and providing a model for enrichment via two-way communication

Get the award-winning PBS / NATURE documentary A Conversation with Koko
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The Gorilla Foundation /

is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 1976, whose mission is:
To bring interspecies communication to the public, in order to
save gorillas from extinction, and inspire our children
to create a sustainable future for all great apes! Home
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