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Robin Williams Meets Koko
The Gorilla Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We depend on contributions from people like you to achieve our mission of pioneering interspecies communication in order to save gorillas from extinction and inspire our children to create a sustainable future for all great apes. Here are some ways you can help.:
Donate: Help us ensure the future of interspecies communication and of gorillas.
Shop at KokoMart: Koko books, videos, plush toys, gorilla art amd more.
Subscribe to KokoMail eNewsLetters: A good way to stay up to date on Koko, et. al
Koko's WishLis:  In-kind donations, from toys to dvds to computers to equivpment
Volunteer: We can use help with Koko's food preparation, fulfillment and office tasks.
Work for the Gorilla Foundation: We have several job openings for unique eople.
Teach Your Children about Koko and Great Ape Conservation: Educators and parents
Make a Legacy Gift or Pledge: The next generation is depending on us.
Help us purchase the currently leased land for the new Maui Ape Preserve.
Thank you for your support!