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Robin Williams Meets Koko
Motiviation is an imperative for learning. As a charismatic, articulate gorilla with a compelling personality, Koko has a unique power to motivate — and inspire. The Gorilla Foundation has been using this principle for years to provide stimulating educational materials for teachers based on Project Koko. The Foundation is now re-focusing and extending these materials in a way that is intended to both foster conservation and improve basic learning skills in such areas as language, math, science and psychology. It turns out that there is much to learn from "Koko."
Books and Videos/DVDs  
Books and Journals
Videos and DVDs
The children's book Koko's Kitten is changing hearts and minds about the true nature of gorillas world-wide.
  The book Koko-Love gives more insight into the world of "talking" gorillas Koko, Michael and Ndume.
  The Education of Koko is a scientific account of Project Koko's first 10 years.
  The award-winning PBS/NATURE documentary A Conversation with Koko is a great introduction to Koko.
  All of these books and videos are available online at KokoMart
  The Foundation's journal, Gorilla is distributed free to all members.
School Presentations    

Presenting to a 3rd-Grade Class

Pres. to Cal. School for the Deaf
Multi-media Powerpoint presentations for grades K-6 are introducing kids to the concept: "we are all great apes."
Teachers tell us these presentations motivate their students to learn, read and even become scientists and conservationists.
  We're now refining and extending the presentations to other grade levels which will be made available as web-based presentations soon (see next section).
  Children with special learning needs, such as the deaf and autistic, often respond dramatically to Koko!
Web-based Educational Resources  

Learn to Sign with Koko

Kids Club and KokoTV
Learn to Sign with Koko is an online resource where you can learn Koko's sign language vocabulary.
  Our KidsClub section is a friendly introduction to Koko for children.
  KokoTV, hosted by Apple's Learning Interchange, is a collection of video highlights of Project Koko that are easy to incorporate into classrooms.
Our new Education section will be released soon as a resource center for both teachers and students.
  Get email updates on web-based matls. via our Teacher eNewsLetter.
New Project-based Curricula (in progress)  

Designing a Sanctuary

Koko taking notes
  Mission-oriented projects, such as:
1) Designing Great Ape Sanctuaries
2) Using Sign Language as a Bridge
3) Ape-Friendly Eco-Tourism
4) Sustaining Wildlife through 2100
will be co-developed with educators to help improve math, science, language and computer skills while promoting conservation (through communication).
Email educators@koko.org if you'd like to become a pilot class/school or help us develop Talking Gorilla-inspired curriculum for worldwide use.
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