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Robin Williams Meets Koko
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Koko DVDs and Books ( Conservation through Education )
DVD:  A Conversation with Koko
DVD:  Koko's Kitten (Now in Stock)
NATURE documentary on the use of language by Koko. This award-winning PBS film overviews three decades of pioneering research in interspecies communication.

It culminates with the race to establish the new Maui Ape Preserve, and help Koko raise and mentor a baby. Narrated by Martin Sheen.
Price: $19.95 Add to Cart
The gentle, touching story of Koko the signing gorilla, and her love and loss of her first kitten, All-Ball. This story that was introduced to the world 25 years ago, via National Geographic.

Re-enacted by Koko and Dr. Patterson.
DVD Special Features  Teacher's Guide & Mini-Documentary
Price: $14.95 Add to Cart

Koko's Kitten  Mini-Books

BookBy Dr. Penny Patterson
with photos by Dr. Ron Cohn

This award-winning classic recounts the real life experience of Koko the gorilla, her love for a tailless tabby she named "All-Ball" and her grief when the kitten died. Koko still gets sad when she sees a picture of a tailless kitten. For children and adults of all ages and mindsets.


Full-Size: 8.5 x 11"
New Mini Size: 4" x 5" (image at right)

     1 Mini Book  $4.99 Add to Cart
  5 Mini Books $20 Add to Cart
10 Mini Books $30 Add to Cart
     1 Full-Size Book $4.99 Add to Cart
Koko shows off her new mini books

Other Books on Project Koko
Koko-Love The Education of Koko
Koko-Love book(Hard Cover) by Dr. Penny Patterson
Photos by Dr. Ron Cohn

This is the ideal companion book for the video "A Conversation with Koko." Spectacular photographs and charming stories that reveal the individual personality of gorillas Koko, Michael and Ndume with humor and affection.

Price: $14.99
Add to Cart
(Hard Cover)
The Education of Koko
by Francine "Penny" Patterson
& Eugene LInden

Koko's biography, of her first 10 years by her mentor and friend, Dr. Penny Patterson.

Available as a free download when you become a member

Click here for download info.

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