Koko Plush Gift Suggestions for the Holidays

Koko Plush 12"
Koko Plush This cute and cuddly little (12" when standing) plush gorilla is reminiscent of Koko when she was a baby, and began to learn sign language from Penny (Dr. Patterson).

The little (12" high) plush Koko also helps remind us how much Koko wants to raise a baby,
a goal we are taking seriously at the Gorilla Foundation.

Price for 12" Plush:   $29.95


Koko Plush 22" with her Kitten
Koko Plush Thiis larger (22" when standing) plush Koko comes with a little plush kitten too, reminiscent of Koko's first kitten, All Ball.

Buy them both (
12" and 22") and start your own "Koko Plush Family" and send good wishes to Koko that she may do the same in real life.

Price for 22" Plush:   $49.95


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