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Robin Williams Meets Koko
The Maui Ape Preserve (MAP) is being established to help secure the future for Koko and her species (Gorillas). It is also the first phase of a collaborative plan to help save all of the great apes — Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Oranguans (except possibly Man) — from imminent extinction, and to continue learning from them.

MAP will provide . . .
a unique and spacious Sanctuary for Koko and other gorillas in need of refuge
a chance for Koko to have children and teach sign language to the next generation
a world-class interspecies communication and primate research center
a state-of-the-art educational resource with video links to the Sanctuary
a training center for African conservation efforts—with Koko as ambassador

Gorilla Sanctuary

MAP will start with a 70-acre sanctuary on the lush tropical slopes of west Maui, much like the native gorilla habitat in Africa. The Sanctuary will allow the gorillas to spend their time outside or inside, depending on the weather and their preferences.

It will also protect the privacy of the gorilla families, with the staff interacting only to provide care, food and companionship — as indicated by the sign communication of the gorillas themselves.

Research/Education/Conservation Center
The human facilities will be conducive to interspecies communication research, education and conservation — and will provide the public with a direct, though virtual, link to the gorillas via state-of-the-art video technology. There is also the opportunity for a video-connected Visitor Center in a high-visibility tourist location such as downtown Lahaina; a venture available to prospective sponsors once the Sanctuary has been completed.

The Foundation has raised about half of the funds necessary to complete the Sanctuary, and has prepared the ground, the water, the utilities, the roads and even the foundations. With your help, we can finish the job quickly and make the vital move from Northern California to Hawaii.

As Koko herself says: "Time hurry go!"
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