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Robin Williams Meets Koko

The Gorilla Foundation's Mission
is to bring interspecies communication
to the public in order to save gorillas from imminent extinction; and inspire our children to create a sustainable future for all great apes.

We do this by:

• Research: pioneering interspecies communication with gorillas such as Koko, Michael and Ndume. This is the longest-running study of its kind (30 years+).

• Education: the lessons of interspecies communication motivate and activate people of all ages to become scientists and conservationists.

• Conservation:
Using the results of our research and education to solve the extinction crisis facing all of the great ape species (except humans) — through sanctuaries, training programs, ecotourism models and Koko's power as an ambassador to change hearts and minds.

In addition to Project Koko (the Foundation's core project), we have initiated ambitious programs such as the Maui Ape Preserve and the African Wildlife Protectors Fund to ensure the future for gorillas and other great apes through continued interspecies communication research, education and conservation programs.

Result:  Conservation through Communication
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