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The Gorilla Foundation established the Wildlife Protectors Fund (WPF) in response to the "bushmeat crisis" —the slaughter of great apes and other protected and endangered wildlife in Africa for the commercial trade of their meat. The Fund was established in memory of Wendy Gordon, a passionate research assistant with the Gorilla Foundation from 1991-1998. It was later additionally dedicated to the memory of Michael, the signing gorilla companion of Koko, who passed away in April of 2000, and who experienced the bushmeat crisis first hand nearly thirty years ago, when his parents were killed by poachers in front of him (a story he recounted in sign language, and which is captured on video).

Dr. Anthony Rose is Director of the Gorilla Foundation's Wildlife Protectors Fund (WPF), and founder of the Bushmeat Project. More in-depth — and graphically explicit — information on the great ape bushmeat crisis can be found at the Bushmeat Project website, bushmeat.net, which is produced by Dr. Rose.

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WPF Projects
  1. Conservation Values Education: WPF and its Africa-based partners are implementing educational interventions in great ape ecology, gorilla communication, and wildlife protection, aimed at increasing people's sense of kinship with endangered wildlife and concern for their well-being and survival. Gorilla Foundation writings, such as Koko's Kitten and the soon-to-be-released Michael's Dream, are key elements of these efforts. (see bushmeat.net for more info)

  2. Humane Values Research: WPF is supporting the design and conduct of qualitative and quantitative research which measures local people's attitudes towards apes, wildlife, and the African environment. (see bushmeat.net for more info)

  3. Ape Sanctuary Development: WPF is helping great ape sanctuaries in Africa to improve ape welfare, wildlife education, and interspecies research. Special focus on ape orphan outreach and management will attempt to secure funds and capacity to confiscate ape bushmeat survivors and provide them with eco-social milieus that optimize their natural development. An example of this project is the recently dedicated "Michael Sanctuary" for orphan gorillas. (see bushmeat.net for more info)

  4. Wildlife Protection Audits: WPF is attempting to organize an independent investigations unit to audit wildlife protection efforts of local communities, law enforcers, NGOs, and government agencies operating in the Congo basin. (see bushmeat.net and kamman.com for more info)

  5. Capacity and Alliance Building: WPF is working to facilitate the inclusion of the new disciplines and fields of endeavor and the development of new organizing strategies to effect the psychosocial, economic, and spiritual transformations that will keep global consumerism from destroying wildlife and wilderness. (see bushmeat.net)

WPF Prospectus

A comprehensive summary of the WPF's goals, projects and team can be found in the
WPF Prospectus, To receive a PDF copy of the prospectus, please email rose@gorilla.org.

WPF African News Updates

A series of monthly news updates on the progress being made by the WPF in Africa can be found in our African News Update section, which starts with the current article, and links to an archive containing previous articles. Included in this series are 5 articles by Dr. Anthony Rose that were published in Grist Magazine online during Jan-Feb 2002.

WPF Alliances

The WPF is allied with the Bushmeat Project, established by The Biosynergy Institute to develop alternative ways to satisfy the human needs that drive the unsustainable commerical extraction and consumption of wild animals. Also under the direction of Dr. Anthony Rose, the Bushmeat Project works in tandem with the Gorilla Foundation to advance our common objective of saving gorillas from extinction.

The Bushmeat Project's website, bushmeat.net, also provides more graphical accounts of the crisis facing gorillas and other great apes, for those who would like to become more familiar with the reality we are attempting to change (though parental guidance is suggested).

How You Can Help the WPF Save the Great Apes

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