Gorilla Nutrition Manager
& Produce Volunteer Coordinator

Katie has had a lifelong passion for animal welfare, beginning with her choice to stop eating meat when she was two years old. She has been volunteering at various animal shelters since she was 12. Growing up, “Koko’s Kittens” was her favorite book (which she insisted her parents read to her every single night for months). Reading about all of the emotion and compassion that Koko is capable of solidified Katie’s belief that all living beings deserve respect and love.

Katie earned her B.A. in Psychology at the University of Connecticut, focusing on language development and altruism. After interning with child protective services she decided to take a break from that line of work and try something she had always been interested in: Cooking. She worked as a vegan chef and mentored middle school students for a year before moving to California.

After moving, Katie was thrilled to learn about a job opening at The Gorilla Foundation that would allow her to combine her passion for animal welfare with her passion for cooking — while satisfying the gorillas’ passion for eating tasty and nutritious food, with lots of variety! In her free time,

Katie also enjoys running, spending time with her rescue dog, and traveling.

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The Gorilla Foundation /
1733 Woodside Rd., Suite 330
Redwood City, CA, 94061
1-800-ME-GO-APE (634-6273)

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