Teachers:  Develop KokoTeach Curriculum and Get Advanced Credit

You can register for advanced teaching credit via a new independent home-study "KokoTeach" course, offered by "Advanced Courses for Teachers" (ACT) in conjunction with California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). This course provides you with a KokoTeach DVD full of Koko multi-media Powerpoint presentations (over 100 slides) that can be used as a resource for short-course and curriculum development for grades K-14, and in curriculum-development assignments for the ACT course.

To sign up for the KokoTeach course, called "Meet Koko and Talk with Her," please register at ACT's website, via the following link:

Koko's Gorilla Teaching Materials (FREE!)

The Gorilla Foundation is pleased to offer you our teacher supplemental materials online. These evolving materials are full of paradigm-shifting gorilla facts and information about our resident communicating gorillas–Koko, Ndume, and (the late) Michael. We hope you will use these materials to enrich your classroom experience, and to inspire your students to learn more about gorillas, conservation and the technologies necessary to "create a better future for all great apes."

Just sign up below and we'll immediately email you a special web location where you can view, download, print and distribute these materials to your class. We'll also update you whenever new materials become available, or to ask for your input in developing our educational or fundraising programs. Our goal is to utilize your input to create a true "Great Ape Curriculum" in the near future. Thank you . . .

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