Koko Reviews Family Planning Options
Koko is not giving up on her wish to raise a baby, and neither is the Gorilla Foundation. Previously, Koko told us that her preferences for "family development" were either to adopt a baby gorilla accompanied by young siblings, or to welcome a small group of adult female gorillas to complete her family group with Ndume. Koko would also be very happy to act as an "auntie" should one of the other females mate with Ndume, who's already an established dad.

An expanded family group for Koko would mean great joy for all gorillas concerned, and, based on Koko's behavior with her ape dolls, would probably feature cultural transmission (by Koko) of her learned sign language (ASL) to the next generation. And Koko's species would certainly benefit from an additional gorilla "spokesperson" who could continue her legacy as an ambassador.

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