What is Koko thinking?

What is Koko thinking?

Posted On: March 12, 2010
Date Taken: February 12, 2006

Photographer: Ron Cohn

What do you think Koko is thinking as she looks at this carousel-like object? And what is this object anyway? A lamp, a music box, other? We can only infer what Koko is thinking by what she communicates to us in sign language coupled with her facial expresions, body language and context - but the same is true of humans, isn"t it? So email us your best guess, and we"ll let you know ours.

PS: Regarding the 2/6/06 KokoPix, where Koko was clapping at the tall buildings she saw in a ViewMaster, many people guessed that she was associating the slides with the movie "King Kong." However, Koko has never seen the movie King Kong (old or new versions); it"s much too violent for Koko"s PG temperment. So her clapping overhead was probably just to indicate to Penny that she was looking at something tall. Good guess though!

What is Koko thinking?

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