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Note: Completion of this project, which was initiated in 1990 by a gift of 70 acres of leased land on Maui, is contingent upon: a) finding a major donor to purchase the land, so that it is protected as a gorilla sanctuary for perpetuity, and b) developing a partnership with a zoo or sanctuary to help Koko expand her gorilla family. This is a great opportunity for an individual major donor to sponsor the Maui Ape Preserve. Gorilla sanctuaries outside of Africa are desperately needed, due to the continuing threat of human-induced extinction in their homelands, via the illlegal bushmeat trade and habitat destruction. Contact the Gorilla Foundation at info@koko.org to learn more.

The Gorilla Foundation is constructing a unique and critically important gorilla preserve on west Maui, Hawaii. The Maui Ape Preserve will provide a natural environment for Koko and other gorillas, and is a vital step toward saving the species from imminent extinction. MAP will consist of a secluded Sanctuary on 70 acres of land provided by the Maui Land and Pineapple Company, and a unique high-tech Visitor Education Center in a convenient tourist location. Construction is in progress — and now
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Gorilla Sanctuary

Visitor Education Cente

BENEFITS of the Maui Ape Preserve

1. Research: Only with a fuller understanding of our closest biological relatives, the great apes, can we place ourselves in the necessary context to gain critical insights about ourselves as a species. MAP will establish a permanent home for interspecies communication research, which is revealing how much we share emotionally and intellectually with these magnificent beings.

2. Education: MAP will establish an urgently needed world-class program designed to inspire and train the next generation of scientists and conservationists to expand, teach and apply the lessons learned from interspecies communication research.

3. Conservation: It is essential to provide secure and appropriate habitats for gorillas like Koko in need of alternative living conditions. MAP will establish a sanctuary that resembles the natural habitat of gorillas in Africa as closely as possible, fosters the development of natural family social groups, and applies the insight gained from interspecies communication to maintain the best environment possible for them. MAP will thus serve as a model for the proper care of gorillas, and for using technology to create "virtual visitor centers" that raise the awareness of people around the world about the virtues of protecting gorillas and other great apes from human development of their habitats.

"We are not alone, but we soon could be ..."Dr. Amory Lovins
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