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Party Animals by Adrienne Mrsny

Caregiver's Corner: In my house, companion animals were always treated as part of the family. When being reprimanded, they were referred to with our surname. “Toby Dog Mrsny, get over here!” was a common response when we would find our Australian Shepard mix in a pile of the half chewed contents from Read more

Ndume's Kitten

Caregiver's Corner: One sunny day in May 2006, senior gorilla caregiver Jill Firstenberg brought a fluffy grey kitten to the Gorilla Foundation so Koko could have a visit with one of her favorite animals. After Koko’s visit with her new little friend, Jill and I thought Ndume might like to meet the adorable Read more

Behind the Scenes of Silverback Care by Duke Cutter

Caregiver Corner: I approached Ndume’s indoor enclosure I could feel a percussive thump. Another thump, and then another, shattered the stillness of a sunny Woodside afternoon. At first I braced myself for an unhappy silverback acting out. Ndume has good and bad days just like us, except he sometimes has Read more

Caregiver Corner: 'Tender moments with Koko' by Jill

Here are a couple of examples of how sweet Koko is: One afternoon Koko and I were watching PBS. They were showing a program on the special bond between a mother and daughter. Koko was sitting at the mesh next to me and I was lying on the floor on a blanket Read more

Caregiver Corner: 'Wet Winter Days' by Christa Nunes

Journal Entry: February 27, 2006 Koko loves raincoats. During the wet winters here in Northern California, there are many opportunities to put them to use. Koko recently received a bright yellow raincoat as a gift from one of our very dedicated volunteers. Read more

Caregiver Corner: 'Koko on the Ball' by Lucas Slavik

I enter Koko's kitchen to visit. Usually I ask her if I can close her into one of her rooms and clean the vacant one, but today as soon as I entered her kitchen she greeted me with:    Koko: Purr # Koko points to the control panel that is Read more

Ndume's Birthday Mural by Laura & Christa

What do you get a gorilla who has everything? This thought was running through caregiver Laura Mullen’s mind as she attempted to pick out a present for Ndume’s 24th birthday. Besides giving him what he always wants, good food and lots of it, Laura wanted to do something special, something that he could Read more

Caregiver Corner: 'Gorilla Cleaning Crew' by K. Kamrani

The following encounter between gorilla Ndume and gorilla caregiver / IT specialist Kambiz Kamrani took place on Sep. 21, 2005 . . . Having just started a friendship, Ndume and I are learning many things about each other. I have recently engaged in numerous Read more

Caregiver Corner: 'Bedtime with Koko' by Jill

During the summer months when the days are longer, the gorilla’s bedtime routines start at 5:30pm. They get their last meals of the day, and are closed in for the night. (In Koko's responses, the pound symbol (#) after a word indicates that it is a vocalization by Koko; otherwise the word or phrase represents Read more

Caregiver Corner: 'Koko's New Friend' by Tierra Wilson

The composition of Koko’s team of caregivers and volunteers changes from time to time. Each transition is different and Koko tends to have very definite opinions about individuals in her environment. Koko often seems eager to be part of the Read more

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