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2018 Koko Calendar

Dear Friend,

When a 5-year-old boy recently learned about Koko and her ability to communicate using American Sign Language, he responded with the words: "All gorillas are Kokos!"  We knew exactly what he meant — that inherent in all gorillas is the ability to communicate with humans ... just as Koko can.

Thus began a new initiative here at The Gorilla Foundation — to extend our decades of experience in interspecies communication to other gorillas in captivity, and thus to amplify Koko's impact on conservation, by giving all gorillas a voice.

To rapidly spread awareness of this new concept, I'm delighted to offer you our 2018 'All Gorillas Are Kokos" Calendar when you support The Gorilla Foundation with a year-end gift.

Each month, you'll see some of our favorite images of gorillas Koko, Michael and Ndume, who have showed us that all gorillas can communicate their thoughts and feelings (and have many to share).


Your generous gift today will help us create the tools necessary to transmit Koko's living legacy further than ever before — to create a growing population of gorilla ambassadors who can save their free-living cousins from extinction by fostering interspecies empathy.

Please make a tax­-deductible year­-end donation to the Gorilla Foundation now to help us continue and complete this powerful new initiative — and receive your FREE Koko 2018 Calendar.

Much love from Koko and me, with best wishes for a Happy New Year!


Penny Koko

Penny Patterson, Ph.D.
President and Director of Research

"Fine Person Gorilla"

Conservation through Communication
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