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Dear Friend,

Did you know that gorillas are considered the gardeners of the forests? They propagate fruits like mango by eating the seeds and they remove weeds by consuming bushels-full each day.

Gorillas do a good job!

Humans are considered to be the stewards of the planet. How are we doing? Over time we have cut down or damaged 75% of earth’s forests, accounting for much of the excess carbon that is warming our planet. Each day we are losing 80,000 more acres and with them we lose 135 plant, animal and insect species.

Koko is doing her part on behalf of Mother Nature.

She made a public service video for the Paris Climate Conference, where she was presented as “The Voice of Nature.” Koko’s message included “Protect the earth, hurry” and "Man Stupid,” but also “Man Koko-Love.” The recent article in Silicon Valley’s The Mercury News by Karen D’Souza, a gifted writer, is an example of Koko’s continuing positive impact (see link in PS).

Because of Koko’s demonstrated ability to inspire positive change in the world (through both traditional and social media), the Gorilla Foundation now has an opportunity to create more “Koko media” to save her species, and all endangered great apes, from pending human-made extinction!

We need your help now to take advantage of this window of opportunity — great apes are running out of time. Please make a special gift at any level to the Gorilla Foundation and help us expand Koko’s media impact to change the world!


Thank you for your continued support — it means so much to Koko and me and all the humans and great apes who will benefit from the impact you are making possible!

With sincere appreciation and best wishes,

Penny Koko

Penny Patterson, Ph.D.
President and Director of Research

A "Voice of Nature"

PS: See the recent article in Silicon Valley's Mercury News as an example of Koko's positive impact on the media
for the good of endangered species.

Koko and Penny
"Koko is an important figure in conservation because,
through communication, she can influence human consciousness
and understanding of our place in the natural world" — Kelly B.

Conservation through Communication


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