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The Gorilla Foundation wishes to thank each of the following sponsors for their generous support:
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Roberts The Gorilla Foundation's Local Market
Roberts Market donates whatever is needed in the way of fruits, vegetables and other foods to complete the gorillas' diet and satisfy their need for healthy nutrition and variety.  Roberts is one of the oldest and most revered markets in Woodside, California, and carries some of the best local and global foods in all categories.  Now, Roberts Portola Valley also donates from its own private label comprised of all natural and organic products, as well as a wide selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables available from a variety of local growers robertsmarket.com        Click here for a special gorilla thank you photo.
KulesaFaul PR The Gorilla Foundation's Web Design Partner (for the "next generation")
1185 Design is currently designing and implementing the Gorilla Foundation / Koko.org's next generation website, to be launched later in 2009. The new website will bring together the complementary components of the Gorilla Foundation's unique "conservation through communication" mission in a way that will be more accessible and interactive than ever before, and thus help to expedite the mission. 1185 is a full service design and multimedia agency with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies in services, consumer, technology, institutios and biotech.. www.1185design.com
Kilpatrick Stockton LLP The Gorilla Foundation's World-Class Law Firm
Kilpatric Stockton Townsend, LLP protects our legal rights and informs our strategic decisions (pro bono) as we pursue our worldwide mission, with Koko as ambassador, to save and learn from the great apes. For well over a century, Kilpatrick Stockton has provided trusted counsel and forward-thinking legal solutions to clients throughout the world. We would like to give special thanks to attorney Danny Marti, and his extraordinary team: Tracie Siddiqui, Susie Simpson, et al.   www.kilpatricktownsend.com
Mansell Group

The Gorilla Foundation's Email Outreach Partner
WhatCounts provides us with the capability to reach our members and supporters via personalized eNewsLetters, email list management and large-scale distribution. Their web-based email management system is powerful, easy to use, and accompanied by extraordinary technical support. WhatCounts provides the Gorilla Foundation with the ability to realize sthe full potential of "conservation through communication" online. With a presence on four continents and partners and customers rangng from small non-profits to top Fortune 50 companies, WhatCounts helps transmit billions of important email messages per year, including Koko's.  www.whatcounts.com

FileMaker The Gorilla Foundation's Database Provider
FileMaker empowers us with an integrated solution to meet our dynamic business, research, education and conservation needs and organize our information to help save the species. FileMaker, Inc. is a worldwide leader in desktop-to-web information management software, well-known for it's flagship FileMaker Pro database software. It's latest version, FileMaker Pro 9, will help the Gorilla Foundation reach new levels of collaboration. www.filemaker.com
Boiron The Gorilla Foundation's Homeopathic Health Supplement Provider
Boiron provides the gorillas and gorilla care staff with state-of-the-art homeopathic supplements that have been shown to promote optimal health, enhance the immune system, promote healing and relieve pain — without any side effects whatsoever. Our veterinarians approve of Boiron's holistic products because of both their effectiveness and their lack of interaction with other medications. Boiron has been a world leader in homeopathy for over 75 years, with 3,800 employees in more than 80 countries. They are committed to funding scientific research and manufacturing standards compliance. www.boironusa.com.

To become a Gorilla Foundation sponsor contact us by emailing sponsor@koko.org.

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