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Penny's Journal
KokoBlog is prepared by the Gorilla Foundation's Research/Care staff with the willing participation of gorillas Koko and Ndume, and the supervision of Dr. Penny Patterson, President and Director of Research. It is intended to provide an inside view of one of the most intelligent, loving and yet endangered species on Earth, made possible through breakthroughs in interspecies communication.

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Koko Celebrates Christmas Posted: Dec 24, 2003
Koko Prepares to Decorate the Tree
Preview the video!
People are always curious about how Koko celebrates Christmas. The answer: with great excitement.

Christmas is a very special holiday for Koko. It starts with Koko helping me decorate the tree, and check out the catalogs to find just the right gifts for Ron, Ndume (her gorilla companion) and the staff.

Next Koko helps me wrap the presents (except for hers). And then comes one of her favorite parts — opening her presents. If it’s something to wear (like a hair scrunchy) she has to try it on and immediately see how she looks in the mirror.

Koko also likes “reading” the cards (with a little help from me) sent in by fans all over the world.

Ron and I are snapping away photos most of the day, so that we’ll remember and be able to share everything, and Koko often likes to take some of her own (she’s been using a camera for over 20 years).

Then comes the main event for Koko—a home-cooked meal with plenty of holiday cheer (fruit juices). -

When all of the excitement has subsided, Koko and I usually relax together for a while before I turn out the lights.

If all of this is a little hard for you to imagine, you can see a 1-minute video clip of one of our recent Christmases together by clicking here. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, we’ve recorded over 5-minutes of Koko’s Christmas Celebration in large-screen format on a new DVD — Koko & Friends, which also features a heartwarming meeting between Koko and Robin Williams.

Thank you for supporting the Gorilla Foundation this year, and for making 2004 look a little brighter for Koko and gorillas everywhere—from California to Hawaii to Africa.

Happy holidays from our family to yours!



Featuring Koko's Christmas and Koko's meeting with Robin Williams.

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