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Nov 17, 2013
Meet our New Managing Director of Research & Care

We are pleased to introduce the Gorilla Foundation's new Managing Director of Gorilla Research and Care: Dr. Ken Gold. Ken is world-renowned for his understanding of gorilla behavior, and has years of experience with both gorilla research and care, as well as personnel management and facility design. He makes an excellent addition to the team, especially now in light of our new strategic focus on expanding the impact of Project Koko (and Michael) upon gorilla conservation, captive care management and interspecies empathy.

You'll be hearing much more about and from Dr. Gold in the months ahead, as he works closely with our Founding Directors, Drs. Penny Patterson and Ron Cohn, our entire staff, and with gorillas Koko and Ndume, to realize our top initiatives. For now, you can read Ken's bio here.

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