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Koko's Legacy; Part 3: Motherhood

Koko really wanted to be a Mom, but the "powers that be" did not support that option.  However, future generations of gorillas can still benefit from Koko's life and language anyway.  Support us as we reach out to them.  Gorillas in captivity deserve to be able to communicate with their Read more

Realizing Koko's Legacy; Part 2: The Voice of Nature

Koko agreed to deliver this message, after we discussed how climate change was beginning to threaten humans and other animals worldwide.  She had also seen a relevant National Geographic article. Koko had to learn a few new signs to complete the Read more

Realizing Koko's Legacy; Part 1: From King Kong to Koko's Kitten

It is important that we never forget what Koko has taught us — that gorillas can be gentle, sensitive, intelligent and highly communicative.  We can use this information and the results of Project Koko — a 46 year study exploring the limits Read more

Autumn Appetizers with Ndume

Ndume loves the Fall season in Woodside, California, where leaves turn colors, and there are special treats like pumpkin and persimmon leaves to consume. Here's he shown enjoying a little pumpkin followed by a lot of Persimmon leaves as an appetizer for a larger meal on the way. Note that Ndume gestures when he's Read more

Celebrate Koko's Life

On July 4th, 2018, The Gorilla Foundation celebrated Koko's Life, on what would have been her 47th birthday. She passed away 2 weeks earlier, on June 19th, peacefully in her sleep. Koko will forever be remembered as the first gorilla who "spoke" with us (via sign language) but she won't be the last. Read more

Penny and Koko: Motherhood

Penny has been like a mother to Koko, from the time she began caring for her as a baby gorilla, through years of communication-based research and relationship building, to the present, where Koko now exhibits many of the same maternal qualities to her kittens, great ape dolls and human caregivers. There is so much Read more

Update on Koko and her "Kittens"

Koko has taken care of many kittens, and helped raise them to become healthy cats, over the years. Yet, she continues to start over each time with as much enthusiasm as she had when she first adopted "All Ball" (who she named) 30 years ago. See how she's doing with her latest feline friends, Ms. Gray and Read more

Learn to Paint with Koko

One way Koko communicates with us is through her art. She not only paints objects she encounters in her environment, but also expresses her thoughts and emotions more abstractly. After carefully selecting just the right brush and colors to work with, she titles her painting using sign language.   A complete Read more

Ndume's Birthday Bonanza

This year (2017) Ndume celebrated his 36th birthday on Oct. 10. Ndume is 10 years younger than his well-known companion, Koko, and loves to party!  The theme for this year’s birthday celebration was “Movie Night” (selected by Koko’s FaceBook community), and featured some of Read more

Koko Loves Betty White's Book

Betty White was on The Gorilla Foundation's Board for over 10 years (2004 - 2016) and visited Koko several times during that period. Recently, Betty sent Koko a signed copy of her book, "If You Ask Me," and Koko enjoyed perusing it — and finding her own chapter ("Koko") in record time ... Read more

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