Koko has been featured in books ever since she was introduced to the world as the gorilla who has caring relations with kittens and is fluent in American Sign Language. These books have been changing the paradigm about gorillas and saving lives.


Koko's Kitten (paperback book)

by Dr. Penny Patterson, photos by Dr. Ron Cohn (1985)

This award-winning classic recounts the real life experience of Koko the gorilla, her love for a tailless tabby she named "All-Ball", and her grief when the kitten died. Koko still gets sad when she sees a picture of a tailless kitten. For children and adults of all ages.  Preview

Price:  $4.99



Koko's Kitten (3 mini paperback books)

by Dr. Penny Patterson, photos by Dr. Ron Cohn (1985)

Convenient 4x5 inch version of the original paperback book (see above). This is a complete copy of the large book - photos and all; great for carrying in your pocket and distributing a whole bunch at once to a group of friends or colleagues.

It's also a cost-effective way for the Gorilla Foundation to distribute to students worldwide for conservation purposes.

Price:  $4.99



Koko-Love! (hard cover)

by Dr. Penny Patterson; photos by Dr. Ron Cohn (2000)

This is the ideal companion book for the video "A Conversation with Koko"; spectacular photographs and charming stories that reveal the individual personality of gorillas Koko, Michael, and Ndume with humor and affection.

Price:  $14.99


The Education of Koko (e-book)

by Dr. Penny Patterson
and Eugene Linden (1985)

Koko's biography of her first 10 years by her mentor and friend, Dr. Penny Patterson. Describes the genesis of the longest interspecies communication research study ever conducted, Project Koko, which is also the only one with gorillas (to-date).

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