The Gorilla Foundation is working on a new  Koko signing app — "Koko App" — that will enable people (and other great apes) to  learn sign language directly from Koko (and Penny).   We need your help to complete it:


• Learn to sign from Koko 
• Focus on sign categories
• Look up signs by name
• Look up signs by description
• Learn complete sign phrases
• View intriguing Koko videos
• Self-assess progress


• Kids who want to learn to sign 
• Adults who want to learn sign
• Great ape caregivers at zoos
• Great apes living in zoos
• Great ape sanctuaries
• Ape language researchers
• Conservationists (empathy)


• Makes sign language easy 
• Koko also makes it fun
• Learn about the great ape mind
• Learn about conservation
• Enrich great ape care
• Crowd-source video transcription
• Potential social media "plugin"

To complete the KokoApp,
we need both:  a) financial support from donors, and b) a technology partner to help us convert a prototype into a full functioning commercial product for all computer and mobile platforms.

If you have the expertise and experience and would like to collaborate with us on this project, please email: [email protected]

Or, if you are simply interesting in downloading the app when it becomes available in late 2014 or early 2015, just sign up for our kokomail enewsletters, and you'll be notified when version 1.0 is released.

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The Gorilla Foundation /
1733 Woodside Rd., Suite 330
Redwood City, CA, 94061
1-800-ME-GO-APE (634-6273)

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Our mission is to learn about gorillas by communicating with them, and apply our knowledge to advance great ape conservation, education, care and empathy.
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