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Thank you for your recent financial support of Koko and The Gorilla Foundation!

July 4th is Koko’s birthday!  I miss her warm loving presence, and the lessons she taught us everyday about how much more alike we are than different.

Fortunately, she continues to be with us through her multimedia data and the knowledge we acquired together, which have the power to save her species!

I’d like to invite you to watch the following 4-minute video to reconnect with Koko’s legacy, and the critical work we’re doing to save gorillas from both extinction and captivity.


We’re asking for your help now to advance our mission of Conservation through Communication through the following 4-part strategic plan:

1) KokoArc is our multimedia database which preserves five decades of interspecies communication data, research discoveries, and videos generated by Project Koko.

2) KokoApp represents our new “Koko Signs” phone app that enables people of all ages to learn sign language from a gorilla, and to begin to understand our similarities and differences with the other great apes.

3) KokoKids teaches kids of all ages about gorilla conservation, by applying the Koko Signs App in schools from the US to Africa, where it has the power to convert poachers to protectors.

4) KokoCares is creating a revolutionary new design for a gorilla rewilding sanctuary in Africa, facilitating the transition of zoo gorillas to freedom, and increasing global awareness of the need to protect gorillas in the wild through a worldwide video presence.

Please continue your support of our mission to help save gorillas by making your most generous contribution on the occasion of Koko’s birthday.  And if you make a monthly donation of $10 or more, you’ll receive our exclusive Koko plush as a token of thanks.

Thank you so much for helping us to improve life for gorillas and other great apes!

Penny Gives Smoky to Koko

With Koko-Love,
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Dr. Penny Patterson
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PS: When you become a monthly donor at $10 or more per month, you receive an exclusive 12-inch tall Koko plush gorilla, as shown here:

Conservation through Communication