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Koko has given
humanity the gift of
“talking with the animals”
for more than
four decades now.

It’s time for other gorillas to learn from Koko …


(Research Archive)

The Gorilla Foundation is in the process of digitizing our entire 50-year Project Koko (Interspecies Communication) Research Archive, so that all of our data (videos, coded notes, art, etc.) are protected, preserved and shared with both other researchers and the general public.  

KokoArc Preview

KokoApp / Kids4Koko
(Educational Tools)

The Koko App will enable everyone to learn sign language from Koko as a teacher (as well as from Dr. Penny Patterson Koko’s teacher). The app will include dozens of interspecies communication videos involving Koko and others, to help reinforce learning of sign language, as well as understanding of the gorilla mind.

The “Kids4Koko” (aka KokoKids) network will allow kids to subscribe to a service via the app and become Voices for Nature (like Koko).

KokoApp Preview


(Sanctuary Design)

We have 70 acres of leased tropical land in the west hills of the island of Maui, Hawaii. This land can be used to create the first natural gorilla sanctuary outside Africa for gorillas unable to adapt to zoo life. 

Together, we can pioneer the first natural (tropical) gorilla sanctuary featuring autonomy and  non-disruptive video monitoring.

K o k o ‘ s    L e g a c y

Koko passed away in her sleep on June 18, 2018 just 2 weeks before her 47th birthday on July 4th.  She lived a full and loving life, and has been mourned by millions of people around the world — a process that continues to this day.

She taught us so much about herself, her species, and about ourselves — how humans can be more humane.  And the lessons we’ve learned from Koko must never be forgotten — primarily that the conservation of our fellow great ape species can be achieved through good communication — interspecies communication!

Please help us realize the full potential of Koko’s Legacy by supporting the above projects, and transmitting the lessons of “Project Koko”  to ALL great apes, both captive and free-living. 

We have finally learned to “talk with the animals” and learned that “all gorillas are Kokos!”  Let’s continue this precious dialogue for the benefit (and survival) of all concerned —  great apes, our children and Nature!   

5th grade teacher

“When we think of saving the Earth, we can't help but think of Koko!"

A 6-year old boy

“All gorillas are Kokos”