Koko's 42nd Birthday

Koko had a magnificent birthday this year, thanks to lots of love from supporters like you! In addition to great presents, great company, a game-decorated environment and a birthday feast complete with vegan birthday cake and candles (see video), Koko received thousands of birthday cards and emails  (see below for some of Koko's favorites). And thanks to your donations, we can continue our research, conservation and educational programs while maintaining the best care for gorillas Koko and Ndume.



Koko's Favorite Birthday Cards from You

Koko received over 2,000 birthday cards from caring supporters like you. We reviewed all of them and presented Koko and Penny with about 100 of our top picks, from which Koko selected her favorites. We'll be presenting samples of Kokos' selects so you can share her joy ...
Dear Koko,
From the moment I first discovered Ron's famous photograph of you cradling All Ball in your arms, it was love at first sight for me: just who was this Gentle Giant? I had to find out everything I could about you, & the more I learned , the more I loved. And from there, my obsessive study of gorillas began & eventually grew to include all apes, & sparked in me a never-ending passion for primate welfare & conservation.

I hope on this very special day you remember not only that you have awoken this passion in many other thousands of people around the world & that we are all grateful for it (we love being in love with you) but also that you have done so much for your species, & for primate conservation in general. Always remember how precious you are to all of us & never forget that you are one of the most special people on the planet.

Thank you Koko, for being who you are,& for always spreading all the love. I hope you have the best birthday ever!



Dear Koko,
Happy Birthday to the best firecracker in the world! Your smile is a sparkle that lights the sky!



Dear Koko,
You have been a part of my life since I was 5 years old. Now, at 30, I continue to love you and follow your story. When I was a child, I would ask my mother for a gorilla for my birthday, every year. I even learned some sign language so that I would be able to communicate with my new friend. Each year, when I didn't get one, I was never disappointed, because I figured she was working on it. I knew it must take a long time to find the perfect Gorilla friend.

Even though I never did get my own gorilla friend, it was okay because you were my friend, although we never met. And I know so many out there feel the same way. Happy birthday,

Dear Koko. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.



Dear Koko,
Happy Birthday, Koko! You are a beautiful soul. The world is a better place with you in it. Keep teaching us how to be kinder and more loving to, not only gorillas, but also all animals and humans.

           Gary P.


Dear Koko,
Happy Birthday, dearest Koko. I am a teenager living with disabilities and I found you really fascinating. I cried when I saw you watching television because I felt touch by your kindness. You inspire me, Koko.

           Maria G.

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