Koko's Birthdays

Following are highlights of some of Koko's favorite birthday celebrations; a multimedia scrapbook and acknowledgement to the many caregivers and donors who help enrich the gorillas' lives . . .

Koko's 43rd Birthday (2014)

Koko received some very thoughtful presents this year, many delicious treats prepared by caregivers, and decorations based on the them of flowers and sustainable living, with a 4th-of-July flair.  Ndume also shared Koko's celebration and seemed to have at least as much fun ... More

Koko's 42nd Birthday (2013)

Koko had a magnificent birthday tin 2013, thanks to lots of love from supporters like you! In addition to great presents, great company, a game-decorated environment and a birthday feast complete with vegan birthday cake and candles (see video), Koko received thousands of birthday cards and emails ... More

Koko's 40th Birthday (2011)

Koko had a Japanese-style birthday celebration for her 40th. This is  appropriate because her originally given name was Hanabiko, which means "fireworks child" in Japanese.  It was later shortened to "Koko."   More

Koko's 38th Birthday (2009)

Koko makes 3 birthday wishes for her 38th birthday:  1) to raise a natural gorilla family, 2) for us to build a natural gorilla preserve, and 3) for humans to be polite to gorillas.  More

Koko's 35th Birthday (2006)

Koko blows out all of the candles in her birthday cake on her 35th birthday.  More

Koko's 32nd Birthday (2003)

Project Koko supports Education, Conservation and Care with benefits for all great apes. For example, our Education program reaches students worldwide, inspiring them to be responsible stewards of nature.  More

Koko's 30th Birthday (2001)

This was the first of Koko's birthdays that we publicized on the internet, via a web press release.  This special birthday also marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of The Gorilla Foundation.   More

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