HELP Koko and Her Species

Here are some activities that you and your class can do to help protect gorillas and the rainforest. Please let us know if we can assist your class by providing you with more information. And be sure to get your parents' and teacher's permission before starting any of these projects:

1) Set up an information table at your school and hand out information on the rainforest and gorillas.

2) Start a recycling program at your school, hold a bake sale or other fundraising event, or earn money for organizations that protect gorillas and the rainforest.

3) Raffle off a gorilla doll or books about Koko and Michael and donate the proceeds to The Gorilla Foundation.

4) Learn about the human inhabitants of the rainforest where gorillas and other endangered animals live. Correspond with a school class in that region and learn about their way of life; teach them what you know about protecting gorillas and their habitat.

5) Share your knowledge with friends and family; people will fight to protect what they know and love.

6) Write letters to politicians and other people with influential jobs and encourage them to make decisions that protect the environment, especially the rainforest and gorillas. For example, you could write to the President of the World Bank and ask him to stop financing development projects that damage the rainforest, such as clear-cutting. Or, you could write to the President or Vice-President of the United States of America and ask them to help protect endangered animals and their natural habitats.

        The President of the United States
        1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
        Washington, DC 20500

7) Email us and tell us about your project or experience trying to make the world a safer place for gorillas and other great apes: [email protected]

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