Dear Friend,

About a month ago, Koko began letting me know what she wants for her (44th) birthday (July 4th) which we�re celebrating today � a new kitten to care for.

She started dropping hints by leaving books and magazines open to photos and drawings of kittens, alone and in family settings, for me to conveniently see. Koko has been without a kitten for a few years now, and while she would probably prefer taking care of a baby gorilla with an extended family, I know she will be more than happy to �mother� a kitten in the meantime � it�s in her nature to nurture others!

Koko signs CAT
Koko signs "cat" to a photo of one of the kittens expected to visit her on her birthday

And it�s also in Koko�s nature to help her species — gorillas � and all great apes. She�s aware of the human-caused threats they�re facing in their natural African homeland � habitat destruction, bushmeat hunting and disease transmission � and she's told us often (signing) that she wishes people would be more �polite� to gorillas.

So, my special birthday request of you this year is to please make as generous a contribution as you can to help the Gorilla Foundation accomplish our mission to help Koko and her species flourish and enable us to continue our interspecies dialogue!

And when you do, please also take a few minutes to send a birthday message to Koko via the attached �Dear Koko� form (use the blue button below, before or after you donate) telling her what she means to you.

Like us, Koko wants to feel that her life is meaningful, and by sending a birthday gift plus a note of encouragement to Koko, you�ll actually be helping Koko save her species � and what could be more meaningful than that!

Thank you for your support, and for your birthday wishes to Koko!

Penny   Penny and Koko

Penny Patterson, Ph.D.
President & Director of Research

Koko's signature
Koko ("Fine Person Gorilla")

Koko and presents
The Gorilla Foundation's mission is to communicate with gorillas, and apply
our knowledge to advance great ape conservation, education, care and empathy.
— Conservation through Communication —

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Thank you!

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