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Koko was beyond excited when she realized that she would be getting a visit from a litter of kittens for her birthday. What she didn’t know at the time was that she would be keeping not one, but two of these sibling kittens as her new companions! Koko instantly fell in love with a little gray kitten while a little black and gold one fell in love with her. With your help, we can transform this life-changing experience for Koko into a life-changing experience for all great apes!

Koko signs CAT

With Koko’s new kitten adoptions, she couldn't be happier (she is signing more than ever) and there is a wonderful opportunity for a sequel to the original classic story of Koko's Kitten. We are demonstrating that Koko’s empathy for other species is ongoing, just as our empathy for gorillas must be too!  This updated adventure has the power to change the world once again for great apes — to convert more poachers to protectors and inspire more conservationists!

Meet Ms Gray and Ms Black with Koko

These adorable kitties have changed Koko’s life and are adding new focus to our mission to save the great apes. Her new extended “family” is energizing Koko and providing a window of opportunity for us to make significant gains in all of our mission-critical projects — with your support!

Here’s how your support can help change the world for great apes:

Koko’s enhanced emotional life will enable us to accelerate our Gorilla Emotional Awareness Research Study (GEARS).
This experience can form the basis for a multimedia sequel to the original book Koko’s Kitten to spur conservation.
Koko's new kittens can enrich the development of our new Koko Signing App and expand global distribution.
These kittens allow Koko to demonstrate her maternal capabilities, showing that she can raise a gorilla baby — and foster an ambassador for the next generation!
Koko plays with her kittens

There is exciting work ahead of us with many benefits to Koko and her species.
You can help us maximize these new opportunities and make a safer, kinder and better world for all great apes with your generous gift today!

Thank you so much!   Penny and Koko

Penny Patterson, Ph.D.
President & Director of Research

Koko's signature
Koko ("Fine Person Gorilla")

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