Care & Wellness

The Gorilla Foundation has always had a holistic approach to wellness:  from the diet we feed the gorillas, to the natural remedies we use, to the veterinary and human doctors we partner with to the gorilla-centric care we give.



What do they eat?  Food is very important part of a gorillas life, and it is our caregivers’ job to make sure their available foods are both nutritious, delicious and full of interesting choices. Learn more



How do we keep them simulated?  Enrichment refers to behavioral and environmental factors that enhance the quality of a gorilla’s life by providing all the stimuli necessary for optimal mental and physical well-being. Learn more


One Health Team

How do we care for them?  A “one health team” is one that integrates the expertise of both vets and human physicians.  This is especially important because of how similar their anatomy and physiology is to ours. Learn more



Where do they live? The Gorilla Foundation’s facilities are designed for the gorillas’ total well-being.   They include a large 3-dimensional outdoor enclosure and adjacent indoor facilities for sleeping and socialization.  Learn more


The Role of 2-way Communication

How does communication enrich care?  Almost everything at the Gorilla Foundation is based on effective communication. It empowers the gorillas to have more control over their environment.  Learn more