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Koko Knows Her Colors!

It’s 1973 and 2-year-old gorilla Koko is sitting on the counter of her kitchen at […]

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Koko and Her “Signing” Doll

In the above video, Penny asks Koko a question and Koko responds by having her […]

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Young Koko Learns to Sign

Koko, like all young gorillas, was curious and loved to play. Penny realized that just […]

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Koko Communicated with Art Too

Koko communicated in many ways.  She expressed herself through language and art.  She painted and […]

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Koko: Bracelet or Hat?

Watch Koko interact with a new object that she had not seen before; the words […]

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Koko Asks for a Sandwich

Koko often asked for things spontaneously, and we accommodated her requests when both possible and […]

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Born on the 4th of July

As we celebrate Koko’s birthday on July 4th 2022 (she would have turned 51), we […]

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Koko’s Sense of Humor

Koko liked to make jokes. She enjoyed the reaction they would get. In the first […]

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Koko Signs About Animals in a Book (KokoArc 1990)

In the this video clip, we share another preview of our new Koko Digital Archive […]

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