The Education of Koko Available as a free download.

Help Create the Koko App (Preview)

The Koko App has been on the “drawing board” for some time now, as the […]

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What Koko Means to Anna S.

Koko was the reason I became interested in gorillas.  I was homeschooled. In grade one, […]

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Ndume Liked Fancy Pumpkins (2018)

Last Fall volunteer Eric made a series of decorated pumpkins for Ndume. Ndume liked it […]

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Happy Birthday Ndume (2019)!

Today (Oct. 10) we’re wishing Ndume a happy 38th birthday! In honor of his birthday, […]

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Koko’s Legacy; Part 3: Motherhood

Part three of the Koko’s Legacy series

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Fun Indoors With Ndume

Ndume playing with what used to be a blanket fort

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Fun in the sun with Ndume

Ndume enjoying the great weather we have been having lately! His caregivers are thrilled to […]

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Koko’s Legacy ; Part 2: The Voice of Nature

The second video in the Koko’s legacy series

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Realizing Koko’s Legacy, Part 1

Episode 1 of a 7-part weekly video series:  Realizing Koko’s Legacy.  Part 1:  From King […]

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