The Education of Koko Available as a free download.

Koko: Bracelet or Hat?

Watch Koko interact with a new object that she had not seen before; the words […]

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Koko Asks for a Sandwich

Koko often asked for things spontaneously, and we accommodated her requests when both possible and […]

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Koko’s Sense of Humor

Koko liked to make jokes. She enjoyed the reaction they would get. In the first […]

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Koko Signs About Animals in a Book (KokoArc 1990)

In the this video clip, we share another preview of our new Koko Digital Archive […]

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Remembering Michael on his Birthday

Meet Gorilla Michael, foster brother of well-known Koko, celebrated his birthdays on March 27th. He […]

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Kids4Koko Learn to Sign from Koko

Kids4Koko is currently a section of The Gorilla Foundation’s website,, dedicated to empowering kids […]

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Koko’s Message for the COP26 Climate Change Conference

Koko first shared her message of climate change urgency at the Paris Climate Conference in […]

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Happy 40th Birthday, Ndume

On Oct. 10, 2021, gorilla Ndume turned 40 and we created the above tribute video […]

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Help Create the Koko App (Preview)

The Koko App has been on the drawing board for some time now, as the […]

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