A core mission of The Gorilla Foundation is to inspire the conservation of endangered great apes, including gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans. Everywhere free-living great apes are found, their native forest homes are being rapidly cut down. In Africa and parts of Indonesia they are hunted illegally by people for use and sale as gourmet food in the massive bushmeat trade; baby apes that survive the hunt are sold in the illegal pet trade. Great apes can be infected with human viruses, causing many of them to die each year of epidemic diseases. As a result of this triple threat – logging, hunting, and disease – free-living great apes face extinction.

Status of Gorillas Worldwide

Free-living gorillas live only in Africa. There are two main kinds of gorillas: western (lowland and cross-river) and eastern (mountain and lowland). They have all become critically endangered. Learn more

How Can We Help Them?

One of the most effective ways to help free-living gorillas is by learning more about them and helping others understand that they are smart, sensitive and can be very gentle — “all gorillas can be like Koko and Michael.” Learn more

Progress and Plans

Our empathy education materials are used in over 350 schools in Cameroon, and hundreds of trained educators have implemented curricula for over 150,000 students. Results show that Koko makes people care about great apes. Learn more

Conservation Partners

The Gorilla Foundation is developing partnerships with conservation organizations that conduct community-based wildlife conservation projects in Africa. Our unique empathy evoking approach helps conservationists instill humane values. Learn more

Michael’s Story

Gorilla Michael was born in Africa, and eventually came to live with Koko in the U.S. at age 3, where he learned to sign with her. When asked about his gorilla mother, Michael signed his tragic memory of becoming an orphan in the forest. Learn more

Interspecies Internet Workshop

Interspecies Internet Workshop This presentation was given by Penny Patterson, PhD. at the Interspecies Internet […]

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AVATAR: A Legend of Biosynergy, Compassion & Union

AVATAR:  A Legend of Biosynergy, Compassion & Union  By Anthony L. Rose, Ph.D. and Anna Gabriella […]

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The Gorilla and the Fallen Boy

Essay by Anthony L. Rose, Ph.D., President and Founder, The Biosynergy Insitute, Palos Verdes, CA, USA […]

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Cross River Gorillas — Denis Ndeloh Works to Save Them

We are extremely pleased to report that Cameroonian scientist Denis Ndeloh Etiendem, recipient of Gorilla […]

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Lara’s Excellent Adventure (in Rwanda)

Lara Olsha, an APE monthly donor and member of the Gorilla Foundation’s Legacy Society (which […]

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So Few Gorillas, So Little Time

Dr. Tony Rose is currently working on a new book,Consuming Life, co-authored with Karl Ammann, […]

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Webs and Nectar (poem)

I stepped out onto my balcony to look at the sea. My eye was caught […]

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Talking Gorilla Stories in West Africa

Talking Gorilla Stories in Ekona Lelu Village, Mt. Cameroon (A Report on the Development of […]

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Bushmeat Action Alert: 2/7/02

The “bushmeat” crisis has now expanded into the habitat of the “eastern” lowland gorillas in […]

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