Conservation Partners

In addition to our collaboration with public education and religious community organizations in Cameroon (see above, with Penelope Fraser at center), The Gorilla Foundation has partnered with a number of diverse conservation organizations, whom we would like to acknowledge here for their valuable collaboration:

Past Partners:

  • Ape Action Africa ) — formerly CWAF
    Hosted first Koko-based education projects at Mvoog Betsi Zoo in Cameroon
  • Arnall Foundation ( see )
    Funded Great Ape Ecosystem Synergy Projects in Cross-River and Baka Village
  • Conservation International ( )
    co-sponsored publication and distribution of “Consuming Nature” book.
  • Discovery Canada TV ( )
    Filmed Gorilla Foundation & Biosynergy Institute solutions to Bushmeat Crisis.
  • Dodge Film School ( chapman.idu/dodge )
    Filmed Gorilla Foundation and Biosynergy Institute projects in Cameroon
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare(IFAW) ( )
    Funded SE Dja Reserve Gorilla Protection Initiative
  • Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) ( )
    Helped initiate primate sanctuary bushmeat education efforts
  • Pan African Conservation Education Project (PACE) (
    Integrated TGF modules into education programs
  • Save the Species Foundation
    Published 10,000 English and French Koko’s Kitten books for Africa
  • U.S. Peace Corps ( )
    Implemented diverse empathy-based village conservation and environment projects.
  • Wasmoeth Wildlife Foundation ( )
    Co-sponsored “Consuming Nature” book and co-funded Baka Village project.
  • Biosynergy Institute ) founded by Dr. Anthony Rose in 1994
    Co-founded Wildlife Protectors Fund as TGF’s action program in Africa
  • UNAFAS ) (United Africa Association ) — Penelope Fraser
    Conservation education consultant and administrator in Cameroon, Africa
  • PACE (Pan African Conservation Education) ( ) — Nancy Gladstone
    Integrated TGF modules into SIREN/PACE conservation education programs


New Partners:

We are currently seeking new partnerships with organizations that conduct community-based wildlife conservation projects. Our unique empathy-evoking approach can help conservationists instill humane values and behaviors in stakeholders.

If you’re interested in becoming a conservation partner, please contact us at [email protected].