Bushmeat Action Alert: 2/7/02

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The “bushmeat” crisis has now expanded into the habitat of the “eastern” lowland gorillas in the Congo. This time it is not fueled by logging, but by mining of the rare mineral known as Coltan (aka tantalum) by computer chip and cell phone companies, such as Intel, Motorola and Nokia.

Please visit our Action Alert section to learn more, and participate in the letter-writing campaign to the above companies.

While sanctuaries like the “Michael” Sanctuary in Cameroon, which we helped open last year, help alleviate the suffering of some bushmeat orphans, this is not a long-term solution.

Your financial support of the Gorilla Foundation’s Maui Preserve development, and your action in letter-writing campaigns such as the current one, will help us change attitudes and provide the alternatives necessary to make the term “bushmeat” an anachronism, and return the concept of “future” to great apes everywhere.