Koko’s Kitten

by Dr. Francine (Penny) Patterson, photos by Dr. Ron Cohn 
Award-winning classic children’s book recounts the true story of Koko the gorilla and her love for a tail-less tabby kitten she named “All-Ball”.  When the kitten was hit by a car, Koko grieved for months, and signed “sad bad trouble”. Koko still gets sad when she sees photos of cats that remind her of All Ball, but she has moved on and had several other long-term relationships with cats. Purchase





Koko’s Kitten (3 mini paperback books)

by Dr. Penny Patterson, photos by Dr. Ron Cohn (1985)

Convenient 4×5 inch version of the original paperback book (see above). This is a complete copy of the large book – photos and all; great for carrying in your pocket and distributing a whole bunch at once to a group of friends or colleagues.

It’s also a cost-effective way for the Gorilla Foundation to distribute to students worldwide for conservation purposes. Purchase 









Koko-Love! Conversations with a Signing Gorilla

by Francine (Penny) Patterson with photos by Ron Cohn
For young children, the ongoing saga of Koko the communicating gorilla, who has pet kittens and continues to learn new language skills, as related by her mentor, Dr. Patterson. Koko paints pictures, uses a computer, signs with her male gorilla friend, Michael, brushes her teeth, and wants to raise a baby. Includes actual conversations Koko has had with her human friends, and two pages of signing.  Purchase






The Education of Koko

by Francine (Penny) Patterson and Eugene Linden
Describes the scientific genesis and first nine years of Project Koko, the most far-reaching ape language experiment yet conducted – the only one with a gorilla. Chronicles Dr. Penny Patterson’s experience as Koko’s dedicated teacher, mentor, and surrogate mother, from PhD. dissertation to life-long study and relationship. Koko’s education gives us a glimpse into the mind of our closest relative, and sheds important new light on the nature of the human beast. Download here: teok_book