DVD: A Conversation with Koko

PBS/NATURE Documentary (1999)
This award-winning PBS film overviews three decades of pioneering research in interspecies communication, focusing on Koko’s amazing mastery of sign language. It culminates with the race to establish a sanctuary outside of Africa and for Koko to have a family and transmit her communication skills to the next generation. Narrated by Martin Sheen. (1 hour)  Buy


DVD: Koko’s Kitten

Video re-enactment of the 1985 book by the same name
The gentle, touching story of Koko the signing gorilla and her love and loss of her first kitten, All-Ball; the story that was introduced to the world 25 years ago, via National Geographic, re-enacted by Koko and Dr. Patterson. (30 minutes)  Buy


KokoFlix: YouTube Channel

Video clips from the research archives of Project Koko
Dozens of videos of gorillas Koko, Michael, and Ndume communicating, playing, eating, celebrating, and demonstrating that “they are us” and “we are them” when it comes to basic emotions, needs, and wants.  Watch Now