Former Poacher Gets WPF Award

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The Gorilla Foundation is delighted to announce the inauguration of the Wildlife Protectors Award. This grant is designed to honor and support the work of individuals who at the local level have performed exemplary exploits on behalf of conservation, particularly as it relates to the Great Apes. The 2006 award, underwritten by a generous grant from the Morris-Rose family, is being bestowed upon Joseph Melloh, a native of Cameroon, to celebrate his decade of heroic effort as a Protector of Wildlife.

Ten years ago, Joseph Melloh converted from being a gorilla hunter to becoming an advocate for their protection (see article On the road with a Gorilla Hunter to learn more about Joseph’s background). Since that time, he has undertaken valiant conservation efforts on behalf of gorillas and all rainforest life. He has been an exemplary advocate and role mode to attract hunters into conservation, and has served commendably as conservation educator, gorilla habituation/protection supervisor, great ape field research guide, and bushmeat crisis investigator.

This $6,000 award is being made in tribute to Mr. Melloh’s past work and to enable him to continue his community education efforts in the service of wildlife protection in his native country of Cameroon. The Gorilla Foundation is pleased to join with the Morris-Rose family in saying “thank you” to Joseph for all he has done. As Dr. Anthony Rose has noted, “As founders and supporters of the Wildlife Protectors Fund, and the Poachers to Protectors project, this award is a symbol of our ongoing devotion to wildlife and primate conservation.”

We look forward to honoring other individuals making similar contributions in the future. If you would like to find out how to assist in helping to fund this award for future recipients, please contact the Gorilla Foundation’s Development Director Lorraine Slater at [email protected].