Penny and Koko Share Edible Plants

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Koko loved taking walks with Penny, and enjoying Nature together!

In this video from 1988, Koko and Penny are on a walk on the grounds of our 7-acre sanctuary in the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California. Penny shows Koko which plants and flowers are edible and they share a few different varieties. Gorillas are primarily vegetarian and spend most of their day foraging for food. They typically feed on leaves, stems, shoots, and fruit, and they can travel several miles in search of new food sources. Koko was no exception; she loved to browse on these foods during her walks with Penny, which they’d typically take in the early morning hours.

Stay tuned for more glimpses of KokoArc, our new digital archive and database, representing 5 decades of multimedia interspecies communication data collected during Project Koko.

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