Penny and Koko Read Koko’s Kitten — Part 2: Cat Tale

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Photographer: Ronald Cohn

Videographer: Ronald Cohn

Source: KokoArc Video 732

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The book “Koko’s Kitten” is about Koko and her beloved first kitten who she named All Ball. The book tells the story of Koko’s reaction to All Ball’s tragic death and shows the depth of Koko’s emotions and how similar they are to our own.

Koko is comforted by Penny with a hug as she works through her sadness.

Koko went on to have a number of cats throughout her life. After “All Ball,” Koko had a red tabby cat who she named “Lips Lipstick.”

Koko experienced a wide range of emotions and had a very good memory. She took comfort from her close social relationships, including her cats.