Koko’s Message for the COP26 Climate Change Conference

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Photographer: Ronald Cohn

Videographer: Ronald Cohn

Source: TGF's Dropbox account under Koko_COP26_PSA

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Koko first shared her message of climate change urgency at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, and the message still resonates today. Koko’s updated message gives her a voice translating her signs, to make sure her message is heard, and features a new song, “The Promise.” The Paris Climate Agreement was simply that — a “promise” to clean up our act on planet Earth.

We need the Glasgow Climate Agreement to fulfill that promise now, which is why we’re asking you to share this video with as many people as possible. Our goal is not only to save Koko’s endangered species; it’s to save our own species as well, and Koko inspires us to do both!