Koko Critiques Her Painting

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Videographer: Ron Cohn

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Gorillas can be creative, and emotionally expressive, in ways that are very similar to humans.

Koko loves to paint, and has produced some beautiful works of art, including an abstract painting she calls “Love,” a representational painting she calls “Bird,” which is based on an actual bluebird that used to visit her, and a painting she calls “Pink, Pink, Stink, Nice Drink,” based on a photo she saw in a book, which features a river surrounded by pink flowers (“Stink” is their sign for “flower”).

In this clip, Koko is experimenting with a new painting, which Penny seems to like more than the artist does. With all of the wonderful paintings that Koko and Michael have produced, it can be a tough act to follow.

Visit the Gorilla Art section of KokoMart to see Koko’s fine art portfolio, as well as the profound works of her former silverback mate, Michael.