Happy 38th Birthday Ndume

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Today (Oct. 10) we’re wishing Ndume a happy 38th birthday!

In honor of his birthday, we’d like to share a brief video of Ndume enjoying life at The Gorilla Foundation’s sanctuary in 2018.  We miss him dearly.

Ndume is currently at the Cincinnati Zoo, where we understand he is doing well (see CZ’s FB post today).

We’re sending him a birthday package.

Please send him your love and best wishes!

Happy Birthday, Ndume!


Ndume Knowledge ...

Ndume has a delightful personality. He is sweet, gentle, calm, sensitive and very intelligent. He can also be playful and silly. For instance, according to one of his caregivers, he likes to have the bottom of his feet tickled. The caregiver reports, “The bottoms of his feet are ticklish. He’ll be lying down on his back with his feet on the mesh and you can tickle them with a stick. He’ll purr and pull his feet away then put them back on the mesh to be tickled again. This repeats until he’s done being tickled. He enjoys it and usually gets his goofy grin on his face and purrs the whole time.”