Okay, who”s the wise guy who put me on Koko”s back?

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: Gary Stanley

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We thought you”d like to see more of the 6-week-old kitten who came to visit Koko as a Birthday surprise. Her name is Arana, and she”s been adopted by one of our new caregiver staff, Tierra Wilson. Tierra tells us that Arana is supposedly half Siamese and half Lynx. If that”s true, Koko won”t want Arana playing around on her head in another couple of years.

Arana has the sweetest disposition; she”s fearless, quiet, restless and yet affectionate. We”ll show you (and Koko) more photos of Koko”s new friend in the week ahead.

And yes, you can still make a donation in honor of Koko”s birthday, and receive a beautiful special edition poster of Koko and her first kitten, All Ball, just click here. Thank you.