Ndume”s a Little Stressed by Recent Events

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: Gary Stanley

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Ndume, Koko”s male companion, has been a little anxious since Koko”s medical procedure last week. Not because he”s read the recent press release or had a sign-language discussion with Dr. Penny Patterson. But because of all the strange visitors that have been on the premises. A Silverback”s mission in life is to protect his family, and having a team of medical experts working on one”s companion (Koko) behind closed doors would increase the stress level of any male gorilla – even one as laid back as Ndume. Fortunately, extra attention by Gorilla Foundation caregivers (including Penny and Ron) are helping Ndume slowly return to his normal sweet and calm disposition.

To support Koko, Ndume and the Gorilla Foundation”s mission to save and learn from gorillas via interspecies communication and establishing new sanctuaries such as the Maui Ape Preserve click here.