Koko”s Feeling Better Every Day

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: Gary Stanley

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Koko has been recovering quickly since her dramatic tooth and gum procedure (almost 2 weeks ago) and is essentially off all of her pain medications. In her new, progressively pain-free life, Koko”s focus has also changed. Just yesterday, when Penny was discussing the plans for the new Maui Ape Preserve with colleague Chris Mitchell (founder of the Michael Sanctuary for orphan gorillas in Cameroon, Africa), Koko, who was overhearing their conversation, immediately went to her room, grabbed an Hawaiian lei and put it around her neck and picked up her favorite baby doll. Koko is very clear about her priorities.

To support Koko, Ndume and the Gorilla Foundation”s mission to save and learn from gorillas via interspecies communication and establishing new sanctuaries such as the new Maui Ape Preserve click here.