Don”t speak with your mouth full, Ndume! (and the answer to Ndume”s Quiz)

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: Gary Stanley

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This is a more common pose of Ndume, eating lettuce by the handfuls in the outside yard. Ron”s camera doesn”t seem to affect his appetite.

And the answer to the last quiz: “What is Ndume holding” (KokoPix 11/12/04) is:

Right, the rubber egg/chick squeeze toy (with the baby chick about to hatch). So many of you guessed this – and went even further to say that Ndume was obviously about to “get” Koko with it by squeezing it incessantly! It”s become one of their “dating” rituals. Thanks for paying attention!

We”ll show a close-up picture of the toy and Ndume”s holding it later this week.